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The collection honors Amherst alumna Younghee Kim-Wait, whose support helped bring the collection to Amherst. There are inscribed copies, association copies, and copies with notes that belonged to notable authors or scholars. All are first printings of first editions or first American editions unless otherwise noted. Many books in this collection would be the “best” copy available if sold on the open market. In short, it is a virtually irreplaceable collection with great research value, and substantial historical value. The Pablo Eisenberg collection is already being incorporated in the curriculum.

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But the real draw is the University of Michigan, which provides people 65 and older with half-price tuition and annually hosts hundreds of free events, many featuring students and faculty. The university also participates in the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute OLLI , a highly decentralized operation that supports noncredit educational programs at institutions around the country and caters to people age 50 and up.

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“Andrew touched the lives of so many students, faculty, coaches and staff on our campus and his sudden death is a profound blow,” Amherst College president Carolyn Martin said in a statement.

A political science major while at Amherst, Armstrong-Coben brought skills and traits that she picked up in her undergraduate career into medical school and beyond. She has taught medical students and residents at Columbia University in New York City, and she also opened and ran a medical practice for children in foster care for several years, hoping to address their unique and pressing medical needs.

Her heart for her patients has led her to emphasize the importance of narrative medicine in her teaching, and she now oversees service learning for the medical school, raising up new classes of physicians with hands-on experience in providing care to those who need it most. Similarly, Armstrong-Coben was a perfect fit for Amherst. Her sights were still set on medicine, but she also declared political science as her major.

Armstrong-Coben felt drawn to the professors in the department and the way political scientists thought about various issues. Professor of Political Science Austin Sarat, who was an important professor to Armstrong-Coben, recalled that she was an engaged and curious student. The Importance of Narrative Medicine After graduating in , Armstrong-Coben moved to New York City to attend medical school at Columbia, where she enjoyed the new educational and urban environments.

Armstrong-Coben did not leave Columbia after obtaining her MD; she completed her pediatric residency there and stayed on later as faculty, first working primarily with residents, and then with medical students. However, to her, the patient-physician relationship is the most important aspect of being a doctor. She hopes that the skills students learn through narrative medicine will become an integral part of their identity as physicians.

Armstrong-Coben credits her time at Amherst as helping to foster her interest in narrative medicine, since it shaped the way she thought about patients and approached her interactions with them.

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Lance Ringler February 27, 4: Get the latest updates on this page. If you have information to share on this page, please e-mail Lance Ringler at lringler golfweek. Weeks has been recognized for his teaching as he was voted one of the top three teachers in the state numerous times by Golf Digest.

For me, the college application process was an exciting time to think about my future; though it was, at times, grueling and stressful. In the end, however, I was thrilled to commit to University of Massachusetts Amherst.

These college campuses emphasize brains over beauty. When the results fall short, campuses begin to resemble hospitals, shopping malls, or even prisons. We consulted the Princeton Review, Unigo. The , students responding to the Princeton Review survey, however, awarded it a very different honor: NJIT, founded in , suffers from a mishmash of architectural styles, from the Gothic Eberhardt Hall formerly an asylum for orphans to Redwood Residence Hall, which might be described as crematorium-Modernism in downtown Newark.

Things are looking up thanks to a recent building boom that includes a pizzeria, a fitness center, and a bed student village as part of the Campus Center development. Advertisement 2 of 13 CampusGrotto.

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Catherine A. Sanderson, Department of Psychology, Amherst College Emily J. Keiter, Department of Psychology, Amherst College Michael G. Miles, Department of Psychology, Amherst College Darren J. A. Yopyk, Department of Psychology, University of Massachusetts—Amherst.

Sep 16, 5: In the world of higher education, there are universities, and there are colleges. The fundamental difference between the two are resources: A traditional liberal arts college places its entire focus on educating the undergraduate. Yes, the fresh-outta-high-school-barely-able-to-vote-let-alone-know-what-I-wanna-do-with-my-life set. Where to go for such an education? Mascot Matchup Amherst- The Lord and Lady Jeffs, named for college founder Lord Jefferey Amherst, is a perfect spirit leader for those who like their sports icons to be dignified and historical.

But if you like a bit of whimsy with your historical icon, the Ephs are represented by a purple cow. Williams—how could you go wrong with anything purple? Why choose one college when you can have five, right? Williams— Emphasizing the usefulness of a well-balanced education and the ability to think creatively, Williams hosts a semi-annual Trivia Night competition that lasts eight hours.

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In addition, 16 transfer students enrolled. Amherst had already been the first school to eliminate loans for low-income students, and with this announcement it joined Princeton University , Cornell University and Davidson College , then the only colleges to completely eliminate loans from need-based financial aid packages.

Increased rates of admission of highly qualified lower income students has resulted in greater equality of opportunity at Amherst than is usual at elite American colleges. In the academic year, Amherst College also extended its need-blind admission policy to international applicants.

Amherst College Massachusetts: The Younghee Kim-Wait ’82 Pablo Eisenberg Collection has a new home in the Frost Library at Amherst College. The collection honors Amherst alumna Younghee Kim-Wait, whose support helped bring the collection to Amherst.

November 14, at 7: The median number of relationships that Harvard seniors reported? Throwing Harvard into the equation just makes everything worse. Gender roles have come a long way, but anachronistic perceptions about inequality of the sexes still exist, especially when it comes to sexual attraction within coed circles of super accomplished year olds.

When the demographics are reversed, however, women will rate the guy wearing a Harvard-emblazoned shirt as more attractive than the one without. According to another study, men prefer smart women in theory, but not in real life. A team of researchers asked male undergraduate students to take an intelligence test before meeting up with a female participant who either performed better or worse than they did on the test.

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Options range from attending a traditional four-year college to pursuing a fully online education. Top-quality education from top-quality institutions can be achieved online, see Best College Reviews ranking of the top online colleges for more information on distance learning. Working to an aesthetically appealing backdrop may provide that welcome touch of inspiration when hitting the books, and relaxing is arguably easier and more fun when you have lush green areas, elegant buildings and serene lakes to explore.

Fortunately, across the U.

The report is signed by Hitchcock from Amherst, Massachusetts on February 23, Notes kept by Edward Hitchcock during a portion of his geological survey of Massachusetts, primarily dating from May The notes discuss the geology of Massachusetts and descriptions of the terrain and the rock types. Amherst College.

Bedford Established in as Narragansett 5 for the benefit of soldiers who fought against the Narragansett Indians in RI. It was regranted first as Souhegan East, then incorporated as Bedford in Bennington This area was settled prior to The town was part of Society Land and was comprised of former portions of Hancock, Greenfield, Deering, and Francestown, the town was named in commemoration of the Battle of Bennington , fought on August , , near Bennington, VT.

Vermont’s Bennington was named for Governor Benning Wentworth. Brookline First a part of Dunstable, then settled as West Hollis, the town was granted in as Raby. The town was renamed in at the suggestion of one of the town’s leading citizens, who hailed from Brookline, MA. Deering Formed from area earlier known as Cumberland. Formed from New Boston, and a portion of Society Land. Situated on the Second New Hampshire Turnpike, the sole route between Boston and Vermont, the town once collected a toll of one cent per mile from travelling coaches and wagons.

Goffstown This town, as part of Massachusetts, used the names Narragansett Number 4, Piscataquog Village, and Shovestown before installation of the NH provincial government. In , the area was regranted to new settlers, including Colonel John Goffe , for whom the town was officially named. The town includes the village of Grasmere , named for the English home of poets Wordsworth and Coleridge.

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