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I bought this again a few days ago and I must say I don’t understand the complaints about the reforrmulation Also, lasting power and sillage are still great! Dec mschnabel I had original Obsession in the 90s as a teen. I think I wore it because my best friend did, and she wore it because her older sister did. Small town, rural area It was thick and sweet, but spicy, musky, and incensey.

‘Wedgie’ jeans promise to make your butt look amazing

Unless you have huge legs or are trying to pull off something retro or just have no other choice , s are probably not an ideal choice. You can find a ton of variations on s, from ones with wild colors like hot purple to material additions like spandex to make the jean material less constricting. However, I personally feel one of the best options is the Amazon. As with virtually every other jean brand, waist size is directly correlated with the bagginess or slimness in the legs.

In concept vintage stores, you’re likely to find some interesting jeans, as well as other vintage pieces like leather jackets, shirts, and even boots. However, if you are looking for a real bargain most of the time you’re in the wrong spot; these people know the value of .

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If you have any information you think we may have forgotten or find something that is incorrect feel free to comment. Please note this guide is based on our opinions and experience having dealt with thousands of pairs of second hand Levi’s jeans through our vintage clothing business. We are in no way associated with Levi Strauss the brand or any other sub-brands associated with the company. Model Number This is the model or lot number of the pair of jeans which is used to identify them.

On many Levi’s jeans the model number is printed on the back badge or tag situated above the back right pocket on the waistband.

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The double-stitched s that were produced after went through a few changes after The simplest way to separate them is to look at the care label. Where Things Start to Get Interesting 3. Notice how the patch butts up against the belt loop on the right side. Do they have washing instructions printed on the right pocket bag?

This was several years before the FTC mandated care tags. Unlike the care label which was added in the early s, the washing instructions were printed on the right pocket bag. Do they have XX written as the lot number? Since nearly the dawn of the , a small watch pocket later dubbed coin pocket had been featured by the right-hand front pocket.

Sammy Davis Vintage Fashion & Clothing

Learn all there is to know about selvedge denim here! If the red tab only has lettering on one side the one facing the front the jeans are pre If this is the case, the jeans were produced before roughly.

Dating back to , the Triple Pleated Jacket is considered the earliest style jacket the brand produced. The jacket is simply styled and constructed from a selvedge duck canvas, giving a durable wear.

An index of the several hundred vintage vehicle photographs featured on the site. Master index of the vintage motoring gallery. The vintage transport photos in this section of the site are now spread over 18 pages. In an attempt to make some kind of sense of them all, I’ve listed them on this one page, in alphabetical order.

Some pages feature several different photographs of a vehicle type, whereas in other instances, a variety of photos showing one particular type of car might appear in more than one page. Hopefully this new index of vintage vehicle photos will help visitors to the site find pics of the cars, lorries, coaches or vans that most interest them.

Genealogy research If you are researching your family tree or history, and have old photos that show motor-cars that need identification, by all means send them over and I’ll see if I can help out.


Levis motorcycles were manufactured by Butterfields of Birmingham. This rare old motorcycle has a lovely patina of age and is in great running order. Please note the bike has recently been brought home from South Africa and the registration number currently on the bike is not a UK number. Cosmetic This motorcycle is in lovely cosmetic condition it has a very nice patina of age and appears to be very original.

The petrol tank is in good solid and clean condition.

For a while there, vintage clothing was very ‘trendy’. If someone complimented something you were wearing, replying ‘thanks, it’s vintage!’ had an air of distinct snobbery and insincerity about it, like ‘oh sorry, it’s one of a kind hun, you can’t get this stuff in Penneys’.

Dating from , the remarkably preserved denim jeans are the only known pair of virtually unworn 19th century Levis in existence. Although the exact amount remains undisclosed, the price is believed to be close to the world record price for a pair of antique Levi jeans. The jeans had previously been offered for sale by the auction house in November , but had failed to find a buyer.

Warner opened a successful dry goods store on Maine Street in Tucson, Arizona in , but when the US civil war broke out in he refused to take an oath of loyalty to the Confederacy and his property was seized. He was forced to flee to New Mexico, where he met his future wife and remained until after the war.

Upon his return he built and operated a flouring mill in Tucson, which played a vital role in the local economy, and spent his final years attempting to invent a perpetual motion machine. Warner ordered the size waist jeans at the age of 83 and wore them just a handful of times. They were carefully kept in a trunk which was passed down through generations of his family for the next years. The jeans were made at the Amoskeag Mill in Manchester, New Hampshire, and featured a single back pocket, button fly, and suspender buttons rather than belt loops.


April 15, Party taco, if you could measure the seat – the width of the jeans, measured across the front, along a line directly under the front pockets – that would help give more of a clue to the shape. The main obvious difference between the cuts, rather than the relative width of the legs, is the shape of the top block; the 55 LVC is more of a bell shape, tapering in to the waist, whereas the 47 goes up almost in a straight line.

Of course if you wear a smaller 55, and stretch out the waistband, this gives a very similar effect. I have mentioned before, when this issue was raised, that I hope at some time to get hold of an LVC pattern cutter; I haven’t been involved in any projects recently that would allow me to question them.

Below is a list of features to take into consideration when dating vintage Levi’s jackets, beginning with the first things to look for. Design: Type I, II, or III? First off, start by determining the design of your jacket.

I promised almost a full week ago that I would share photos of our new kitchen with you. Unfortunately, something which I admit I do not fully understand happened last week with my hosting provider, and my blog has been down since then. After much pleading and yelling and carrying on like any Southern gal I know can do, my blog finally came back up yesterday.

I came down with food poisoning last Friday which promptly sent me right straight to bed. Thankfully, I am now feeling more like myself again. So, those three reasons prevented me from sharing my new, vintage kitchen with you until now. Enough about me and my woes. Here are the photos I promised you! This is what you would see if you came into our home from our back door through the mudroom into the kitchen. Notice all the drawers? I love all of my old signs, because of their graphics and the memories and feelings that evoke.

Three of my favorites have to be my Dairy Queen sign and the two above the door. My husband and I were dating at the time, but I knew even then that the relationship was promising and the fruit and beverage were two of his favorite foods.

Who is Patrick Levis dating Patrick Levis girlfriend, wife

Lindsay Zortman Check the red tab. This is a small red fabric tag that has “Levi’s” written in white in all caps. Prior to the “e” in Levi’s was capitalized and referred to as the “big E.

You’ll find Guess and Levis denim cutoffs, vintage Rolling Stones and Metallica concert tees, and a wide selection of Harley Davidson sweatshirts, jackets and tanks at L-Train’s six locations.

The roomy waist, which you reined in with a belt, was a new concept. As was the roomy crotch point whisker. Thinking back to when I wore my first pair at age 21, I remember feeling invincible in them. I felt like I had finally made it in life. They were expensive outside of the US, so I had to save up my waitressing pennies to purchase a pair, which were black and not blue. Ooooh, how I loved them. And I loved that Greg wore the same style of jeans as me in a different waist and length measurement.

Premium denim brands were launched shortly after that, and before long the era of the for women was over. Apparently, tapering the legs of the original was a very popular alteration.

How To Determine Production Date of Vintage Levi’s Jeans

Side seam zippers — late s s. Short, center-back neck zippers — mostly s s. Sleeve zippers — s s.

Above: A few of our favourite vintage Levi’s ads The Levi’s button fly jean – the original and first ever blue jean – was born on May 20, when Levi Strauss patented the .

When I say that Brit Eaton was in the doghouse, I don’t mean that he was in trouble with his wife. I mean he was literally inside a dog’s house, with just his boots sticking out the door. Bret Eaton on the denim trail, exploring for a basement Eaton on the denim trail; Exploring a basement for forgotten clothes Hunting for jeans in an abandoned shed An old storage shed comes up bust Local rancher, and Bret Eaton exploring in a loft. A rancher Eaton visited; Searching an attic Bret Eaton and ranchers Eaton explains the value of old chaps to ranchers I shone my flashlight over Brit’s back to watch as he picked through the layers of old rags and clothes making up the bed of the occupant, a heeler with a baseball-size cyst on her belly.

The dog’s owner, a sixtyish rancher named Mike, from Modena, Utah, was too distracted to pay much attention to his visitor’s behavior. Just that morning, Mike had learned that a mountain lion had somehow infiltrated the eight-foot-tall fence surrounding the headquarters of the Meathook Ranch, which his grandfather had established in He was cautiously watching a juniper thicket above a corral of calves.

He pointed a thumb at Brit. He has a stern, square face that would be suitable on an evening newscaster if it weren’t for a tangled scar above his lip that resembles a strand of barbed wire. He makes his living scouring the old ranches, ghost towns, abandoned homesteads, and forgotten antique shops of the American West in search of vintage clothes. When most people hear the word vintage, they think of bell-bottoms from the seventies, but Brit’s definition of that word goes many decades deeper into American fashion.

He has a particular interest in denim workwear from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.


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Vintage is one of the most desired looks in the fashion world, but defining what exactly vintage is can be extremely difficult. Every era has a distinctive style, a vintage look if you will, and getting that look right, as opposed to looking like you are in some sort of period drama, can often prove incredibly difficult.

Levi’s released the “Wedgie Fit Jean” — a pair of pants that claims to flatter your booty like no other. For spring , the denim company created a silhouette that lifts and holds the cheeks slightly apart giving the wearer — you guessed it — a wedgie. This cut promises to boosts booties for a rounder look, so there’s no more worrying about the flat tush that often accompanies mom jeans.

Plus, Kylie Jenner has already made the Wedgie jean Instagram famous. A photo posted by King Kylie kyliejenner on Jan 14, at Every jean style you need to know While actual wedgies are more than annoying, Levi’s claims its fit won’t be a pain in the ass. Though the jeans are designed to hug curves snugly, their cotton fabric has added stretch to ensure comfort. Levi’s maintained the brand’s traditional aesthetic by adding vintage elements to the Wedgie’s contemporary design.


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