Click here to read more. We catch up with Simona Augyte, who received a research grant from Sigma Xi as a PhD candidate, to learn about the results of her project and see where she is now. Science and engineering students from across the country gathered in Burlingame, California, for the 18th Annual Student Research Conference. The Sigma Xi Committee on Qualifications and Membership has selected Sigma Xi chapters that will receive the — chapter awards and recognized the top electing chapters. Fierke will receive the Sigma Xi Monie A. Letter from the President: Defending the Scientific Process? Some people think the survival of key theories of modern science is impossible because they believe that new scientific theories always overthrow the previous theories. Sigma Xi President Joel Primack challenges that misunderstanding. Sigma Xi makes its statement on climate change on the day that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a key report.


We are able to create global reach with local focus because of the strength of the Coca-Cola system, which comprises our company and our nearly bottling partners worldwide. The Coca-Cola system is not a single entity from a legal or managerial perspective, and the company does not own or control all of our bottling partners. While many view our company as simply “Coca-Cola,” our system operates through multiple local channels.

How is MSE divided by $\sigma^2$ always a chi-square distribution? up vote 2 down vote favorite If I have the expression below, how can I use y~N($\mu$, $\Sigma$) to show it is a $\chi^2$ distribution with ($_n-1$) degrees of freedom?

Reports P values and confidence intervals. Automatically generate volcano plot difference vs. P value from multiple t test analysis. Nonparametric Mann-Whitney test, including confidence interval of difference of medians. Kolmogorov-Smirnov test to compare two groups. Wilcoxon test with confidence interval of median. Perform many t tests at once, using False Discovery Rate or Bonferroni multiple comparisons to choose which comparisons are discoveries to study further.

When this is chosen, multiple comparison tests also do not assume sphericity. Fisher’s exact test or the chi-square test. Calculate the relative risk and odds ratio with confidence intervals. Analysis of repeated measures data one-, two-, and three-way using a mixed effects model similar to repeated measures ANOVA, but capable of handling missing data.

Compare curves with the log-rank test including test for trend. Comparison of data from nested data tables using nested t test or nested one-way ANOVA using mixed effects model.

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Subtract baseline and combine columns. Compute each value as a fraction of its row, column or grand total. Prism will run in a screen as small as x

What is Process Validation? Process Validation is defined as the collection and evaluation of data, from the process design stage throughout production, which establishes scientific The information and data about • product performance • manufacturing experience.

This commitment is demonstrated by the establishment of programs to monitor, preserve and protect the quality of our products. We document the Quality Release Date, that is, the point in time when analytical data has been reviewed as confirming compliance with product description, specification and lot uniformity, for all products. For those materials where shelf life information is a requirement, expiration and retest periods are available at the batch level.

IVD products that are expiration dated will have the expiration date found on the product labels. When dating is indicated by month and year only and no specific date is otherwise stated on the label or elsewhere, the product is expected to meet specifications until the last day of the month. The Recommended Retest Date for individual lots may be extended subject to quality review. If Sigma-Aldrich does not retest a lot in question, we recommend that customers evaluate the product to ensure that it still matches their needed specifications.

Expiration Dated Products Products in the expiration date program will have an Expiration Date printed on the label and the Certificate of Analysis. The batch should not be used after this date. Products with No Retest or Expiration Date A number of Sigma-Aldrich products are not included in either of the above programs as there is no indication to conclude they are unstable. The only date shown on the certificate of analysis will be the Quality Release date.


And Why Does It Matter? With vintage watches, small details matter a lot. In fact, they’re basically everything. When it comes to assessing the originality of a dial, this goes double, since any re-dial or service dial will dramatically impact the overall value of a watch. This explains the multiple questions surrounding the weird, round little marks sometimes found surrounding the “Swiss” or “Swiss Made” on watch dials from the s.

Those little marks are actually the lower case Greek letter sigma, and the dials are aptly called “sigma dials.

The Sigma mm F/ EX DG OS HSM is fairly basic in that is has no focus hold, or focus limiter switches, the only switch is the combination OS and AF/MF on the side, see photo below.

The ARM Cortex-M3 processor is the industry-leading bit processor for highly deterministic real-time applications, specifically developed for high-performance low-cost platforms. The processor is highly configurable enabling a wide range of implementations. A bit processor core with low gate count and low latency interrupt processing RISC processor, 3-stage pipeline Harvard architecture, pipeline core incorporating branch speculation, single cycle multiplication, and hardware division, giving a Dhrystone benchmark of 1.

Implement breakpoints and code patches Implement watchpoints, tracing, and system profiling Support printf style debugging Bridge to a trace port analyzer Manufacturers of the Cortex-M3 processor integrated circuits are permitted some latitude in configuring a particular implementation of the Cortex-M3 processor delivered by ARM. Following are the implementation specifics in the SmartFusion2 device: Memory protection unit MPU: This helps in creating protected and non-protected regions of memories.

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EU projects Molding The Fico molding range of automatic and manual molding systems have a proven reputation for innovation, quality, reliability and high volume output. For all these new specific applications Besi Netherlands offers the best solution and equipment for your requirements. Fico molding systems significantly increase yields whilst keeping cost of ownership low. On top of this, our process knowledge and process support assists you in improving your current processes and help you with the introduction of new packages.

Last night, Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society hosted an Executive Director Meet and Greet to connect with Sigma Xi members and partners from the Society’s dynamic network in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, and the surrounding areas.

Bradley, in Paleoclimatology Third Edition , 3. However, potassium-argon and argon-argon dating have indirectly made major contributions to Quaternary studies Walker, The techniques have proved to be invaluable in dating seafloor basalts and enabling the geomagnetic polarity timescale to be accurately dated and correlated on a worldwide basis Harland et al. Potassium-argon dating has also been used to date lava flows and volcanic tuff, which in some areas of the world may be juxtaposed with glacial deposits or be stratigraphically related to early hominid fossils.

In this way, limiting dates on the age of the glacial event or fossil occurrence may be assigned e. Potassium-argon dating is based on the decay of the radioisotope 40K to a daughter isotope 40Ar. Potassium is a very common component of minerals and occurs in the form of three isotopes, 39K and 41K, both stable, and 40K, which is unstable. Although the decay to 40Ca is more common, the relative abundance of 40Ca in rocks precludes the use of this isotope for dating purposes, as the incremental production of 40Ca from the decay of 40K would be miniscule.

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The main idea behind the Kanban system is to deliver what the process needs exactly when it needs it. In Japanese, the word “Kan” means “visual” and “ban” means “card,” so Kanban refers to visual cards. Lean uses visual cards as a signaling system that triggers an action to supply the process with its needs either from an external supplier or from a warehouse.

It was originally invented as a part of the famous Toyota Production System.

Frostburg State University strives to create real-world experiences where students learn by doing rather than simply reading about it. One such experiential learning effort is the recent partnership between FSU and the Maryland Symphony Orchestra (MSO) made possible through the .

Back to Top Expiration Date Information Expiration dates serve as a guideline for how long a product remains potent and effective. However, if a product expires on February 2, will it still be good February 3, ? Of course it will. In fact, many products continue to hold their nutritional value years past their “expiration. Each supplement will vary on product efficacy, depending on the manufacturer and the quality of raw materials used.

In order to avoid concern, always try to purchase pharmaceutical grade dietary supplements. Herbal Products Herbal products will slowly weaken with age; however, they maintain potency for approximately 3 years following production. Product efficacy diminishes approximately 2 years following expiration. Vitamin Mineral Supplements Vitamin and mineral supplements will slowly weaken with age.

Quality B vitamins do not sustain potency following expiration date; however, most all other vitamin supplements maintain efficacy approximately 2 years following expiration. Enzymes Enzymes will slowly weaken with age. They will maintain potency approximately 1 year past the expiration date. Amino Acids Amino acid supplements slowly weaken with age. Quality amino acid supplements will maintain potency approximately 1 to 2 years following expiration.

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Info will be updated periodocally. The fee for recruitment covers several meals, transportation to all recruitment events, campus facilities usage and a t-shirt. The cost of registration is dependent on when you register.

Nikon P megapixel, EVF, x Zoom. The Nikon P leapfrogs the competition for farthest reaching superzoom camera and offers an equivalent optical zoom range of a whopping 83x mm.

A – F[ edit ] [The fundamental principle of six sigma is to] take an organization to an improved level of sigma capability through the rigorous application of statistical tools and techniques. It is a business strategy that focuses on improving customer requirements understanding, business systems, productivity, and financial performance. Dating back to the mid s, applications of the six sigma methods allowed many organizations to sustain their competitive advantage by integrating their knowledge of the process with statistics , engineering , and project management.

Young Hoon Kwak and Frank T. Six Sigma is really a cultural thing—a way of behavior. Alan Larson, one of the early internal Six Sigma consultants at Motorola; as cited in: Pande , Robert P.

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The class provides the necessary foundation for initial use and for learning more in-depth statistical tools. The course focuses on the critical aspects of navigation, data entry, file formats, worksheet structure, initial analysis and visualization and reporting. Minitab II — Statistical Introduction Class The Minitab II — Intermediate Analysis Class is a 2-day course designed to teach users familiar with the software the most common analysis tools used in improvement projects.

The course focuses on teaching key principles of statistical analysis and using data to drive effective decisions. Minitab Level 1 Analysis Workshop The Minitab Level 1 Workshop is a 3-day training program combining lecture, instructor-led examples, group discussion and hands-on participant exercises.

ASQ is a global leader in quality and consists of a community of passionate people who use their tools, ideas and expertise to make our world better.

Its single-platform system gives you the high levels of automation and visibility you need to streamline processes throughout your business. With a complete suite of integrated ERP applications, it meets the horizontal and vertical demands of the logistics industry. Cross-Border Compliance CargoWise One offers compliance capabilities that lets you focus on business, not borders.

It provides the tools to achieve quicker, simpler, more efficient customs clearance as well as greater visibility between you, your partners, customers, and customs authorities. With access to integrated online tariff classification tools and to the network of WiseTech Global Partners who can help you navigate the increasing number of regional regulations, CargoWise One ensures full compliance with customs requirements across the world’s leading markets.

With over , licenses held across 7, sites in countries, CargoWise One customers are able to facilitate business through an ever-growing community of logistics providers. With interfaces to external parties, customers, and other industry providers, CargoWise One puts your global connections within easy reach. Digital document storage and retrieval is built into every part of process, enabling all documents to be saved, organized, and accessed on screen as changes are made for seamless business continuity and disaster recovery.

Seamless Implementation and Continued Support With CargoWise One, you gain a comprehensive suite of support services delivered through our exclusive WiseAdvantage program. The tools, knowledge, and services you need to get the most out of your technology investment are included as part of your CargoWise One solution.

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Some use formal processes such as lean manufacturing or Six Sigma to isolate wasted activities and figure out process improvements. Others simply evaluate existing methods and processes in each department to address opportunities to make production more efficient. Profits A main objective of increasing operating efficiency is reduced costs and improved bottom line profits. When you cut out wasted steps or speed up production time, you typically lower your costs of doing business or increase production efficiency.

Nontraded REIT Quarterly Review Online Access (dating back to ) Nontraded BDC Quarterly Review (dating back to ) Interval Fund and Nontraded CEF Reviews (new in ) For more information on pricing: Product sponsors contact Brooke Heffington at [email protected] or

It looks like much of the lens is made of metal and plastic, and feels pretty solid in the hand. The zoom and focus movements are smooth, although the zoom ring makes a plastic noise as it’s rotated. The lens body has a nice matte black finish, with the zoom and focus rings, hood and the tripod collar being the standard Sigma sparkly finish that looks cheap in my opinion.

This lens was designed for a full frame camera. If you have an APS-C camera, the equivalent capture area will be mm mm. There is an adjustable tripod collar that separates in the middle by way of a knob that unscrews and pulls up for release. To rotate the collar you simply loosen the knob, adjust and re-tighten. The zoom ring is located at the front of the lens, and the action is damped just right for one or two finger rotation, and it seems to stay put with normal use.

Focal length index marks come at 70mm, 85mm, mm, mm and mm, and the EXIF data matches most of those lengths, except at 85mm, which reads 90mm, and mm, which reads mm, that’s no deal killer though. The zoom movement is internal, meaning the lens doesn’t change length when zooming. This devise mounts on the lens front, and you mount the regular hood to the end of the adapter.


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